Just things…these are just things…

Even as a person who thrives on the written word, I haven’t been able to find ANY words to express my thoughts this week. I’ve been so brief with answers to calls and messages of concern because everything I want to say feels way too honest, sentimental, or even too spiritual.

It certainly puts life into perspective when you’re preparing for a hurricane such as Irma, when you look around your home and your community, and know damage is a real possibility, when you pack those “just in case” suitcases, slipping in a few pieces of your mom’s china and then (ridiculously?) use most of the remaining space for an afghan she knit, when you keep walking around your home and finally realize all your valuables truly are the people you love and the hope and salvation you have in Christ!

Now, with Irma 48 hours out, the prep is mostly in place, and today’s plans include Greg getting his last plane out of Florida, helping a friend’s elderly parents, doing another load of laundry, monitoring my internal debate about getting the hurricane treats out a few days early…

As I took some time to just sit still this morning, my thoughts went back to my mom’s words years ago when our home in Lombard was flooding, the water creeping into our house and covering our ankles. She calmly stood in the living room and gestured around the room. “These are just things,” she told us. “These are just things.”

Oh, how I thank God for the life-lessons she taught her four daughters with just those four words. Even more, I value the deep-rooted faith in God’s protection and love which was lived out before us each day!

I can’t thank you enough for the love and prayers which keep pouring in from around the country! We are so blessed to KNOW without a doubt that we ride out this storm, and every day, with God’s hand of protection surrounding our home, family, and community.

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