Essential Oils

Have you ever felt skeptical and hopeful at the exact same time? That was me trying out my first essential oils almost ten years ago. I was skeptical because I’d gone so long without anything making a significant impact on improving my health or strengthening my immune system. I was hopeful for the exact same reason.


Caught in a decade-long cycle of compromised immunity, missed work, and unending side effects, I was tired of everyone else’s “answers” to my problems. But this one seemed different. I have to admit, an element of hope started to burst loose inside of me as I carefully dropped those oils into my tea for the first time with the hope of working on my state of wellness one day at a time.

I felt like a hippie back in the beginning. You should have seen me, swiping essential oils on the bottom of my feet at night, using lavender to help me unwind, treating my tired muscles naturally, diffusing the oils into my bedroom air while I slept.

It’s not that I planned to walk off the beaten path and start gaining a new perspective on my health. But it began to happen. I believe God put these oils in place for me, and He began to use them to transform my health. Over the next weeks and months I started to feel a little stronger, and a little stronger, and a little stronger.

You want to know why I can’t help talking about these oils? It’s because they’re STILL working for me. Just writing this, the whole thing amazes me again. I’m still shocked that I can go to my oil shelf, pick up a little bottle, and support my daily wellness regimen in so many ways.


If you’d like to know how these essential oils can work for you, too, you’re in great company! Email me at, and we’ll talk about getting you started. Or if you know me, just give me a call or message me on FB.

I’m sure you understand I need to add that I’m not a medical professional, and any advice I may give does not substitute medical care. I do not diagnose, treat, cure, or heal. One more sweet fact. Young Living is the world leader in essential oils. I encourage you to spend time browsing their website for more information about their chemical-free, plant-based solutions for you and your family.

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