When I’m healthy, I’m a pretty healthy person! I lead an active life. I work more than one job. I love my ministries and working in our yard.

But when I’m sick, it’s not just a cold—it’s pleurisy or pneumonia. I didn’t get malaria once in Haiti, rather three times, and dengue fever, too. I get allergic reactions to red dye, strong enough to land me in the hospital (even if it’s my own fault for eating cheap BBQ sauce laden with Red 40). Two decades ago I went through a head injury, cancer, two surgeries, and chemotherapy.

But in between my major issues, I’m actually salubrious (how’s that for a great word meaning healthy?), which gives me plenty of time to chase my passions. One of these passions is sharing how God has used His medicine in the form of essential oils to transform my health during the past six years. (You can read about that here.)

I’m probably going to write about all of this in the weeks and months to come. Lucky you!

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