Keeping the tree up for awhile…

How long does your Christmas tree stay around?

I always get this feeling around the 28th of December. This ambiguous, undefined longing to quietly enjoy my tree one more time before I blink and it all goes away.

One more time. One more time. It’s like a magnetic pull. Go over and click on the Christmas lights. Make some coffee and sit down. Look at the sweet ornaments again.

Christmas treeBecause, you know, it all has to come down soon.

It’s like a set rules: Move on. Take the tree down and box it up. Take advantage of that invigorating feeling of starting off a new year with everything fresh. Go ahead and be motivated or slightly obsessed with heading back to work in January with your home, closets, life, and mind in order.

Truth be told, that was me last year, and the year before.

Growing up in our family of six, our tree was traditionally put away by New Year’s Eve before the company came over, to make a little more room for the crowd descending on our living room. Like the rest of the world, it seemed, in those days between the 25th and the 31st, my young mind and mood shifted from the giving, the gifts, the tree—to the party hats, the blowers, and in my house, the pots and pans for banging at midnight.

Well, I am my momma’s daughter, and at our house we’re putting together some New Year’s plans of our own for later this week. We’ll be making some noise at midnight, too. But for today, and tomorrow, for a few more days, I’m letting Christmas stay around. Peacefully. Beautifully. Without that need to box it up, clean it up, and not leave a trace…

And I don’t just mean the tree.

The excitement, the anticipation, the hope of Christmas…I’m purposefully letting it stay awhile.

This past weekend I told my family that Christmas isn’t over, and we’d be extending it throughout Monday or Tuesday at least, possibly into Wednesday or Thursday. Even if we’re back to work.

My announcement didn’t get any verbal reactions, but I’m pretty sure everyone’s hearts were silently smiling at this official extension.

#keepthetreeupalittlelonger #christmaspastthetwentyfifth #celebratingthehopeinjesus

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